Investor Room

Fintech & Social - Mobile App (iOS)


  • Project Type

    From scratch

  • Role

    UX Lead

  • Responsibilities

    UX Design
    UX Writing
    Art Direction

  • Team

    Agris Wiseptya (UI Designer)
    Fairuz Syayidah (Graphic Designer)

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Investor room is a social finance application that allows people to talk and debate about stocks in the most effective way possible. All finance communication applications are outdated and primarily are one-to-many (i.e – Mad Money, SeekingAlpha, etc) or predominantly text-based (i.e – Reddit, Twitter, StockTwits).

Due to seeing the increased usage of stock creators talking on voice (Clubhouse) and video (Twitch), we believe the thought leaders/content creators in this community want new tools to talk about stocks. Through Investor room, we allow people to communicate about their favorite stocks via audio, video and live chat in a room.

Investor room released for US market in 2021. But due to the business decision and market landscape, the app shut down a few months after its release.

Main Features

  • 1

    Video & Voice Room

    Ability to host/join a room and talk on voice about a stock, where the host can share the screen with the audience.

  • 2

    Real-time Stock Chart

    Ability to have a stock chart for a specific stock show to all users within a room. The stock chart is a real-time chart dan the host can show whatever stock depends on the topic.

  • 3

    Chat Room

    Ability to chat in a live room via text, insert emojis, and tag the other member in the room. The host can see all the chats and give replies.

The Process

It’s interesting because in this product we test the market with ads. Through this method, I have learned that we can test how to get traction without any kind of product development. But, on the product design side, we need to build the main features mockups and create assets for ads.
So, the first thing that we do was scope down the user flow and create a mockup for the test case. We use the mockup to create videos and banners and then promote the app through social media ads and other channels.

I directed the creative side of video ads and got help from our graphic designer & video editor to produce the motion. I can’t show the video results here, but I’ll give some previews of the ads we have produced.

After got some learning from ads, we evaluate the result and release the app on App Store first. After the MVP release, we iterate the design and add some user experience improvements.


User can start their experience in Investor Room by register their phone number, as well as the login flow, we only need the phone number to verify the login. It’s fast, so user can achieve their goal to join the app easily.
We highlight 2-liner core value from Investor Room, “Talk about stocks you love. Live from real people.”, we want to users get the feeling & know what to expect when they enter the product. Which are, “Talk” and “Live”.

home investor room

host view

participant view

Test Ads

The tests were running within 2 weeks on chosen networks. There were 3 variants of the ads which are; static banners, videos, and playable ads. The playable ad allows the recipients to click the button on the app like a prototype, so we can get some data, like heatmap, click rate, and usability. The ads should be big in text & images, from the past test with the different product we found that US customers prefer the bigger text & eye-catching colors. You can find some screenshots from the ads that were running. I created the storyboard and give the direction & brief.


After the test phase and the result was meet the expectation, Investor Room launched its beta version (MVP). We got feedback from our early adopters. We analyzed all the feedback, and the app reviews, including the stakeholder’s vision. Then, we did a feasibility check to include the feasible and viable design solutions. In this case, it was a quick process until we synthesized the problem and came up with the design improvement.

home investor room

home investor room

home investor room

Thank you for reading. If you would like to discuss more, share feedback, or ask any questions, please get in touch.

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