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    Continuous Development

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    UI/UX Lead

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    Team Leader
    UX Design
    UI Design

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    Faruqi Akbar (UI Designer)
    Mahfuzi Akbar (UI Designer)
    Prestisa Amelina (UX Writer)

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Alphapay is an application that allows users to become sellers and sell digital goods such as phone credit, electricity token, bill payments, and others. Users are required to top up a deposit to purchase products. Apart from filling out a deposit, users also have the opportunity to get financing to sell digital goods.

Alphapay is one of the products that I handled when I was in Alterra. Due to the business strategy, Alphapay shut down its operation in Q4 2019.

Improve Deposit Top Up Flow for Agent in AlphaPay

During the 2018-2019 period, we have done many user researches. And of course, we have done many iterations, added new features, improved performance, and security, and even developed an app for the Alphapay canvasser, namely Salesku back then.

Here is one of the problems that occurred in Alphapay that I can use as a study case, among many other complex problems. Unfortunately, I cannot provide details of the survey in this article. Hope you get how we handle the problem.


  • 1

    Failed Deposit

    We got a really high number of failed deposit top-up, we assume that users abandoned the request.

  • 2

    Expired Request

    More than 60% of deposit requests have expired from various types of payment methods in the period 18 March – 7 April 2019, even though we have improved performance and added new payment options this continues to happen. We assumed that we need to add more payment methods to make it easier.

User Interview

We could make some assumptions, but actually, we didn’t know why these things happened. So we ran a user interview by phone. We collected the list of users that requested to deposit but didn’t finish it and the ones who finish it or success to fill the deposit. Then, we sent an inbox beforehand to get the user’s confirmation and called them one by one to get the angle & story from them.

Here is the sample that we’ve interviewed, we divided the sample into its payment method as well.


  • 1

    Gather the insights, pain points, and root causes of why users fail to top up their deposit as an agent so we can provide the right solution to increase the successful transaction rate

  • 2

    Optimizing AlphaPay’s top-up flow to help users increase their sales transactions.

Interview Result

93.7% of users have no difficulty finding the Top Up Deposit menu

Users do not find significant obstacles in taking the initial steps of the top-up deposit process and knowing which ones to tap in the application to top up the deposit.

34.38% of users postpone their top-up payment until the session has expired because they are just casually trying, with no intention to finish it

Most of them were just trying with no intention to really pay. 16% forgot to pay after a request to top up a deposit, and 16% had difficulty making payments and did not understand payment instructions.

46% of users want other payment channels/methods

Most of AlphaPay agents are in small cities, so they are more familiar to top up through minimarkets and regional banks.

34.40% of users are worried if the top-up deposit payment isn’t received in their account if they pay via bank’s virtual account

Design As Solution

What We Got...

We successfully increase the success payment rate by 16.56% when we first launched a new design solution in July 2019, then we continued the iteration and ran another user research.

More work related to Alphapay A/B Testing in UX Writing (Indonesian)

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