The Qur’an New Translation (Oxford World’s Classics)

I think this one is the best Qur'an translation. The dictions and notes are very clear, concise and somehow beautiful to read. It's very calming. I always keep this translation on my bedside.

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Tragic Design, How To Avoid a Bad Design

Good design means a good business too, and bad design can harm many parties. To avoid the bad design, we need to know what, why and how bad is bad. This book not only gives us many examples of the goods, the bads, and the impact but also the perspectives & experiences of seasoned designers. Empathy is not a buzzword for designers, this book is the proof.

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UX Strategy, Must Read for Design Leader

Creative & strategic thinking are 2 very important and required things for a design leader. In the tech industry, we can't separate the design & product, the product's matrix will affect the design and vice versa. That is why we need to know the strategy behind product development and business strategies as well. This book has it all, for those designers who struggle with how to communicate better with stakeholders, please grab this one and thank me later!

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The Happiness Hack, A Book About Our Brain

To be mindful is to know how our brain actually works. This book helps me a lot to understand my own actions and give me mindfulness that honestly I did not expect at all. The other thing that I like about the book is the psychological things, which are related to my role as a product designer.

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Made to Stick, Help Me to Create an Engaging Content

I think this is the OG book that everyone recommend me since a long long ago. And I couldn't help but agree with that. The formula helps me to create a better presentation, storytelling and even a better Twitter thread. Also, if you guys want to learn more in UX writing area, the book will help you a lot!

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The Visual MBA, Business Book with (A lot) Illustration

The best business book I've ever read! Easy to understand the context, simple explanation and I love the visual approach here. Highly recommended for people who are new to business terms and theories. I like to call this book "Business for Dummies".  

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