Yukai Chou, The Godfather of Gamification

If you want to improve your customer journey with gamification, I'll recommend Yukai Chou's blog. Must follow and read all the articles. He coined the Octalysis Framework which helps us to engage and motivate users. He has also written a book entitled "Actionable Gamification".

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The ROI of UX Writing

The contribution of microcopy to a business’ profit margin isn’t just a theoretical question of what’s good for the user. It’s clear: strong UX writing helps users successfully complete actions. This means that investing in UX writing (microcopy) has guaranteed ROI, and will increase your product’s profit margins.

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James Clear Newsletter – The Author of Atomic Habits Book

If you happen to read the Atomic Habits, then you should subscribe the newsletter of its author. A short article (hmm.. or I should say some quotes actually) comes to my email and always hit me hard and got me thinking. I like, I bet you too..

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Scarcity in UX: The Psychological Bias that Became the Norm

Scarcity is the psychological bias that makes us place a higher value on things that are scarce than those in abundance. Basically, we tend to like things that are harder to obtain. If suitable for the product we design for, scarcity can optimise user flows and impact business goals. It reframes information and alerts users when there is a need for urgency.

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